Hottest Architectural Styles in Newton

Hottest Architectural Styles in Newton

Just seven miles west of Boston lies the historic city of Newton, Massachusetts. Consisting of thirteen villages and filled with small-town charm, Newton offers an experience unlike any other. Each part of Newton holds something fantastic for residents, including plentiful shopping areas, excellent schools, and various other amenities. One of the best parts of the area is its stunning architectural variety. Let’s explore some of the hottest architectural styles in Newton below!

Popular Home Styles in Boston

Newton is proof that history and luxury can thrive together. With over 87,000 residents, many of whom own their homes, there's an underlying influence of historic charm. Therefore, you'll find many home styles within Newton varying in era and style.

The striking Queen Anne home style

Queen Anne homes can be found across Newtonville and often look straight out of a fairy tale. Featuring complex and intricate details, one could consider it a slightly more lavish Victorian style. Queen Anne homes have steeply pitched roofs, wraparound porches, and turrets. Their facade is often asymmetrical, with large windows that provide extensive natural lighting. Most of these homes are open-concept, with a variety of charming and elaborate details scattered throughout. They typically are single-story or multi-story homes with prominent wooden staircases.

The extravagant Italianate style home

Auburndale and Newton Highlands have many Italianate homes, as you can expect from a city that began in the 1800s. These opulent homes may have belvederes, arches, overhanging eaves with low-pitched roofs, tall windows, and single-story porches. Though typically tall and rectangular, they may have very detailed and intricate cast-iron decor.

Inside, you may also find a more rectangular layout of the rooms. This means the interior may be more asymmetrical. The highlight inside will be the often dramatic doors, windows, and decorations since most will have varying angles on the ceiling and hardwood flooring.

The quaint country Tudor Revival style home

The Tudor Revival style is meant to look like a quaint country home reminiscent of England's Tudor period. They are recognizable for their exterior, which features stucco, masonry, and wooden beams to decorate their high-pitched roof faces. These homes are trendy in West Newton, and throughout the U.S. They often have multi-paned windows with diamond-shaped designs, arches, parapets, and irregular floor plans. Inside, there will usually be grand entry halls, lavish wooden staircases, massive fireplaces, and more.

Grand Colonial Revival style homes

This style was meant to mimic Federal and Georgian architecture but developed into a beautiful, timeless home style popular in places such as Chestnut Hill. They were predominantly built when people began placing significant importance on buildings and the perseverance of our country's history. As technology or building materials improved, people began to create Colonial Revival homes that were more impressive and elaborate in design.

Roofs were varied based on the home, with no set style for them to follow. These homes had small porticos, pillars, and ornate moldings, making each building uniquely attractive.

However, for all the elaborateness of the exterior, they featured a straightforward interior layout. With symmetrical window styles, each room was distinctly divided, with a central staircase that could be accessed easily from anywhere within the home.

Artsy Shingle Style homes

The Shingle Style home often pays tribute to natural materials, simplicity, and craftsmanship. However, they also have some elements of a Queen Anne Revival, which may highlight large porches, verandas, windows, and an asymmetrical shape. One of the most notable things about a shingle-style home is its roof. They became popular in the late 1870s, so places such as Waban may have several shingle-style homes. Inside the home is where the most significant surprises appear. They have irregular floor plans, corner fireplaces with inglenooks, natural wood elements, and sometimes concealed staggered stairs. These homes are often brightly colored to ensure they stand out.

Luxurious contemporary home styles

Although modern luxe homes can be found throughout Newton, Nonantum boasts several contemporary homes. These homes are most recognizable because of their flat roofs and extra-large windows. They may be structured and balanced on the outside or have uniquely shaped roof lines and other dramatic features. In either case, they represent modernism while also conveying minimalism. They typically are painted in warm, neutral tones, highlighted by an extraordinary balance within the overall design, even if rooms vary drastically. The bright, neutral colors complement natural light from massive windows, skylights, and recessed lighting.

Timeless Cape Cod homes

No hottest architectural styles article would be complete without mentioning the timeless beauty of Cape Cod home design, aptly named after the Massachusetts coastal region. Though these homes have a basic rectangular shape, steeply pitched roofs, center entryways, low ceilings, and other simple features, they are among the most recognizable home styles. They may be one-, one-and-a-half, or two-story homes.

Cape Cos style homes are as simplistic as they are quaint. They will have four rooms on each floor if it's an entire two-story home. A chimney will usually anchor the middle of the space. The living room is toward the front of the house, and the kitchen is in the back. Bedrooms are upstairs if it is a split-level style home or a second full story.

Which home style do you prefer?

As you can see, there's a massive variety of Newton architecture. Whether you have your sights set on one style or want to see a variety of home styles, The Chandler Group can help you discover all that Newton has to offer. Reach out to The Chandler Group today to begin your real estate journey.
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